Confirmation has come and gone but now the real work begins!

As a Christian, it is important to be faithful to God. It is one thing to merely believe in Him, but another to be faithful to Him. When we are genuinely faithful to God, this molds the way we live.

It’s easy to slip into the mentality of doubt and cynicism. We live in a broken world, and we may have gone through agonizing encounters that cause us to lose our trust in others. Our loyalty in our relationships here on Earth and truly loving others is one example of faithfulness to God.

Faithfulness requires us to submit our ways to God. It comes from a place of realizing that we need a Savior and that He is in control of our lives since we are still connected to the vine!

What is faith? It’s more than just information. It’s life. It can be easy to go to Church on Sunday to check the box and then move on with the rest of your life. But Jesus calls us to live out our faith in all that we do. So, how do you take what you hear on Sunday and live it out in your family and in your community? Through reflection and practice. At PewTalk Podcast, we reflect on God’s word and give practical starting points to live out your faith in your family and in your community.

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