What We Believe


We believe that God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is real.

We believe that God is the source of life, beauty and love throughout all of the universe.  

We believe that God is love and that love cannot be contained… therefore love creates.

We believe that we are designed to be creative, image-bearing, creation-tending embodiments of God here on the earth.

We believe that we messed up all of creation in the garden and the result of our failing is sin, separation from God, and ultimately death.  We also believe that God in His infinite love for us, has a plan of redemption from the fall of the whole world.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus comes into the world as it was foretold by the prophets.

Jesus proclaims that God is not done with us… that the "Kingdom of God is at Hand."  His message (the Gospel or… good news) is that God is breaking in and beginning to reign in new ways.  He shares that God's future world would not be like this one. 

Jesus said there will be no more death, no more mourning, no more crying and no more pain.  Jesus goes on to foreshadow God's plan of redemption for the world… "Destroy the temple, and in three days I will raise it up."  

Jesus, innocent of any wrong or sin, willingly lays down His life on a cross overlooking the city of Jerusalem to pay the ransom for many.

But just as Jesus had told them, He did not stay dead.  After three days He rose up from the dead.  Forty days later, after Jesus was raised from the dead, He ascended to heaven.

Today, we expectantly await His return when all things will be made new.

Paul, the apostle, referred to the group of people who gave their lives to follow Jesus as the "Body of Christ." As such, we believe that the Church is not a building we gather in… rather the Church is the embodiment of God in the world.  We, the Church, are the "light of the world… A city set on the hill that cannot be hidden."  Jesus is God's plan for the salvation of all creation, and as we live our lives "in Christ", we become a part of the "new creation" that God is bringing.