Can you get any more dead than dry bones? What an image, dry bones talking back to God, “Do you hear our complaint?! Don’t you see us? We are dry, dead, cut off from life and hope”. God is going to say, “I see you. Your problem is that you know you, but you don’t know me.”

Can this image, meant for Israel, help the modern church be revived?

  • Isaiah 25:6-12
  • 1 Corinthians 15:19–26
  • Luke 24:1–12

What is faith? It’s more than just information. It’s life. It can be easy to go to Church on Sunday to check the box and then move on with the rest of your life. But Jesus calls us to live out our faith in all that we do. So, how do you take what you hear on Sunday and live it out in your family and in your community? Through reflection and practice. At PewTalk Podcast, we reflect on God’s word and give practical starting points to live out your faith in your family and in your community.

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