Godly Relationships

Module 12

In the Ten Commandments: Part 2, we talked about how God has created us to be in relationships with others. In this 3-week module we will look at dating and marriage relationships, how God has called us to be witnesses to others, and the Spiritus gifts that God has given us to love those around us.

Week 1

6th Commandment

Week 2


For this week’s second video, please click here to access the video: Red Letter Challenge: Week 6 – Going. You may be asked to enter an email address to access the videos. If you are and you don’t want to use your own, you are welcome to use mine.

Week 3

Spiritual Gifts

No Videos for this week.

To take the Spiritual Gifts Test, click here. Then, click on the “Take the FREE Test Today” button and follow the prompts.

This should be done by at least the Confirmand and parents, if not the whole family.