Comfort Dog Ministry


Trinity Lutheran Church and School is excited to have added Katie to our staff as part of the Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry. Katie came to us in July, and has been busy introducing herself to the community at John C. Fremont days, and other local activities. She has also been hard at work giving comfort to local families who have suffered both physical and personal loss. Katie also traveled to Oregon and Oklahoma to help comfort those who were affected by the recent tragedies there. During the week, Katie enjoys spending time with the children at our school.

Lutheran Church Charities is a non-profit organization based out of Chicago and started the K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry in 2008. They originally started their ministry with four dogs, and it has since grown to over 70 dogs in 14 states. Because of the K-9 Comfort Dogs' success, they were named by TIME magazine as one of eleven "most influential animals of the year" in 2013 and were featured on Good Morning America to recognize their impact in tragedies such as the Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings, the Moore, Oklahoma tornados, and the Boston Marathon bombings.

In Fremont, Katie will continue serving people of all ages and backgrounds. As a trained service dog, she is able to go into public facilities to bring comfort where it is needed.

To learn more about what Katie is doing, please visit her Facebook Page!

Katie Comfort Dog